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Review Best Panerai Replica For Sale

Fellows sells a piece of panerai replica history

panerai replica

panerai replica has been somewhat flat in recent auctions, but a Radiomir at the Fellows sale will be a great opportunity to fire up Paneristi with big pockets. Pre-1990s military-issue models are becoming more rare - they end up in museums and private collections, seldom to return - so a Radiomir with unique provenance is worth mentioning.

Lot 188 at the Birmigham-based auctionhouse's 30 January sale is a very rare example from Second World War with 47mm stainless Steel case ref. 3646, Serial 1010292. Inside is a signed manual wind Rolex movement. This black dial has a baton hour marker, quarterly Arabic numerals, as well as its original, unaltered patina.

The watch is fitted with its original unsigned brown leather strap and pin buckle made from base metal. It was worn by the "Kampfschwimmer", frogmen of both the German and Italian navies in the Second World War. The original purpose of this panerai replica watch was to be used by the Italian Decima MAS,panerai replica but they were later taken over by the Germans. The watch's owner, a German diver, is believed to have been trained in Italy and worn a specialised rubber suit.

Lot 188: panerai replica, a rare and exceptional Second World War military watch

The watch was given to George H. Rowson by a British soldier. He acquired it from a Kampfschwimmer in September 1944 during an unsuccessful attempt by the German forces in the Netherlands to destroy the Nijmegen Bridge. This incident took place following the Battle at Nijmegen Bridge. The Allies wanted to secure the bridge to allow them quick access to Arnhem, Netherlands. Operation Market Garden was a larger initiative that saw land and air forces from Allied allies attempt to liberate Eindhoven (Nijmegen) in the Netherlands from German occupation.

Rowson's firsthand account of the incident states that at 06:30 on 29 September 1944, German Combatschwimmers placed charges under the main supports of Nijmegen Bridge.Replica Rolex Submariner After the German soldiers completed their mission, the soldiers thought they were returning to their lines. Rowson was among the British soldiers that captured them. They were able to disarm the charges and Nijmegen Bridge was unaffected.

This lot has a lot more to offer than the watch. This lot contains a handwritten account of the events by the soldier who brought it back, along with a piece from the rubber suit worn in the battle by the German frogman. Also included are facsimile documents detailing military history of the English soldier. The caseback is hand-engraved with Rowson's name, rank, and date of battle.

Lot 188: panerai replica, a rare and exceptional Second World War military watch

Rowson, Rowson's son sold the panerai replica. The timepiece was passed to Rowson by his father. It has been in Rowson's family since then, having only been worn a handful of times. panerai replica is up for sale at a price of between PS30,000 and PS40,000.

last update: 22 May 2021