Current best practices and rationalistic perspectives in causation-based prevention, early detection and multidisciplinary treatment of breast and gastric cancer

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DOI: 10.2122/gbc.2011.0182


Heritability and Prophylactic Surgery.

Christos S. Katsios, M.D.

Affiliation: Christos Katsios, Associate Professor of Surgery, Department of Surgery, University Hospital of Ioannina, Ioannina, TK 45110, Greece.Rolex Replica Watches

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High-penetrance germ-lines mutations in single genes predispose carriers to uncommon hereditary breast-ovarian cancer (HBOC), hereditary nonpolypososis colorectal cancer (HNPCC or Lynch) and hereditary diffuse gastric cancer (HDGC) syndromes. Advanced gastric cancer is commonly an incurable disease. A small percentage (~3%) among patients with diagnosis of gastric cancer can be identified with CDH1 genetic testing and prevented many years before histological evidence of the disease. But in an absence of any clinical symptom, how to convince individual young persons, physicians and even surgeons for the necessity of an aggressive surgery as total gastrectomy when currently even patients with evident gastric cancer are treated either by minimally invasive approaches for small early cancers or subtotal gastrectomy even for advanced tumor ?

(Citation: Gastric & Breast Cancer 2011; 10(3): 176-177)

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