Current best practices and rationalistic perspectives in causation-based prevention, early detection and multidisciplinary treatment of breast and gastric cancer

Gastric & Breast Cancer e-journal
DOI: 10.2122/gbc.2012.0248


Innovative drug targets: Cooperative DNA, RNA and proteins networks.

Dimitrios H. Roukos, MD, PhD.

Affiliation: Centre for Biosystems and Synthetic Genomic Network Medicine Center – CBS.GenNetMed Ioannina University, Ioannina, Greece.

T: +302651007423, F: +302651007094


From the origin of life to modern-day organisms, cooperative molecular networks orchestrate development of an organisms, evolution, organ function, whole organism homeostasis and healthy or disease states [1,2]. Cooperation drives all scales of life from DNA and RNA molecules and proteins to cells' function, whole organism and ecosystem so that “everything is connected” gains increasing scientific evidence and acceptance [3]. In current reality, progress to cure advanced cancer, schizophrenia, Alzheimer, diabetes is slow while healthy longevity is an illusion of the distant future. Moving from traditional reductionist biology to genome and network science could the future medicine based on integrated dynamic genome analysis resolved the life mysteries? How could work the next-generation of robust biomarkers and highly personally drugs applying third and fourth generation high-throughput sequencing technologies in clinical samples to obtain comparative-effectiveness research medical data?

(Citation: Gastric & Breast Cancer 2012; 11(4): 196-202)

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